The Benefits of Having a Hobby

Keep Your Kids Safe with these 4 Easy Baby Toy Safety Tips

Toys seem like the most harmless little ways to bring joy and a bit of education to the little ones until you think about the possibility of the kids stuffing the parts in their mouths. The reality is that some infant fatalities are a result of choking on toys or toy parts. Besides choking, there are many other injuries which can result from poor handling of kids' toys. Here are a few ways that you can keep your child safe as they play with their toys. 

Age appropriateness

It is the job of the toy manufacturers to worry about the safety of the toys, and they do.  The manufacturers always take precautions to make sure that toys which are manufactured to be used by your kids are age appropriate. When shopping for toys, make sure you select according to age. Even if a toy seems like something that your child might really like, do not fall into the trap for buying it, especially if it is meant for an older child. Also, remember to discard any plastic wrapping which comes with the toy immediately after buying to reduce the risk of suffocation.

Toys with removable parts

When dealing with kids below the age of five, it is important to stay away from toys which have movable parts such as eyes, arms, wheels, noses, and others because they are a choking hazard. It is important to remember that as an adult, your view of a toy is completely different from that of the child. A kid will want to tug at the steering wheel of the bus to see if they can pry it off, and then, they will try to eat it. Pick toys made from materials such as wood because they are difficult to dismantle and hence, safe.

Storage and use

It is important to avoid toys which have parts such as strings, cords, and ribbons until the kids are old enough to understand the possible dangers of wrapping wires around their necks. That being said, you should also avoid hanging toys above a crib or a play mat using cords as this can lead to strangulation situations.

Other toy safety tips include getting secure boxes to store the toys when the kids are done playing with them. Proper storage protects the gadgets from causing injuries and accidents. Finally, always ensure that you supervise kids when they are playing with their toys. Reach out to a place that sells wholesale wooden toys for more tips. 

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The Benefits of Having a Hobby

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Keep Your Kids Safe with these 4 Easy Baby Toy Safety Tips
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