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Four Maintenance Tips When Using Airbrushes For Art

Art is a relaxing pastime where you can lose yourself creatively while blocking out the stresses of the day. As a newbie to the art scene, you might have always wanted to give airbrushing a try, but you have no experience in this world of picture generation. It is important you know the safety and maintenance tips for airbrushes so that they are used safely and effectively. Here are four important facts you need to know about painting with airbrushes.

Protect Your Eyes

While you are getting used to using an airbrush, make sure you protect your eyes by wearing plastic protective goggles. You can get these at any hardware store or work safety shop. It is very easy for the airbrush paint spray to stray over your face when you are an inexperienced user, and the wearing of goggles will protect you from eye damage.

Ventilation Is Vital

Never work with an airbrush in an area where there is no air flow. The fumes from the airbrush are overpowering when trapped in a small space. If you do not have the option to open a window, then invest in a small desk fan which can be used to circulate the air in the room. When setting up the fan, be sure to keep it away from the airbrush, though; otherwise, you will not be able to control the direction of the paint spray.

Wear A Mask

Even the best ventilation in a room will not completely prevent you from inhaling fumes from the paints. Wear a disposable mask over your nose and mouth to keep these fumes away from your lungs if you are using any paint which is not water-based. If you do not protect yourself from the paint odours, then you could experience nausea, headaches or dizziness. None of these fume side effects will help with your desire to paint.

Keep It Clean

A dirty airbrush is one which easily malfunctions, and that is a safety risk to you. Water-based paints can be flushed from the airbrush using distilled water, which you can purchase at the supermarket. If you use oil paints in your airbrush, then you should clean the machine using a solvent which can be bought at your local art supply or hardware shop.

If you have any further queries about airbrushing safely, talk to your local art supply store, and they will give the guidance you need for safe operation of your airbrushing machine.

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The Benefits of Having a Hobby

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